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Integrate Facility Management Services

Integrate Facility Management Services - Facility Management Services relates to arrangements for professional maintenance and upkeep of the property. People normally sense the quality of their life from their surroundings, the environment in which they live and the facility oriented infrastructure. Facility Management Services include Building Maintenance Services (i.e. Housekeeping Services, Pantry Services, Support Staff Services, Pest Control Services, Carpet & Sofa Shampoo Services, Gardening Services, Facade Cleaning Services, Caretaker Services, Electro-mechanical Services and many more which helps to keep the premises in impeccable condition at all the times. The Facility Management Services is deficit requirement of all the organizations wherein an expert team like BFM is required to maintain these Services on outsourcing in a professional way. These days, requirement to outsource the Facility Management Services has taken a centre stage to manage the building maintenance / place of business as per defined hygienic standards.

There are so many benefits to moving beyond the basic in-sourcing, out-tasking or outsourcing of Facility Management Services to a professional Facility Management Service Provider wherein some Facility Management Services are managed and performed by service provider while others are handled by organization itself, all in an well integrated manner.

    Some benefits of Facility Management Services through outsourcing are:

  • Increased focus on core business issues without any Reduces Legal liabilities & statutory obligations.
  • Reduces Legal liabilities & statutory obligations.
  • Reduces costs / overheads of businesses.
  • Provides a more flexible business / service Model.
  • Reduce management complexity & time.
  • Improve operational efficiency & delivery.
  • Improve quality of service delivery.
  • Simplify the line of command and streamline operations.

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance - Bipin Facilities Management Pvt. understands the importance and dynamics of soft and technical services. We consider ourselves as an one stop solution for all the needs cornering to property maintenance. We provide well trained staff round the clock maintenance to improve property appeal of our Clients Property in and around Maharashtra. BFM Pvt ltd. expertise in workplace planning, power management , maintenance of escalators and lifts, electro-mechanical protection of buildings, wood finishing, air conditioning, concierge services, locksmiths, boarding, glazing, fire detection and suppression systems, water management, plumbing and Drainage, Painting and Decorating, Roofing, vertical movement civil works, carpentry, external and internal fabric maintenance and all support services, helpdesk management, business services, meeting/conference room management, landscapes, glass cleaning, flower beds and garden services like deployment of experienced gardeners for upkeep of lawns, and internal pathways, Property Refurbishment. Maintaining the decor, and preventive maintenance of facilities, Pest control, and termite treatment for residential and commercial property maintenance deliverables.

Mechanical & Electrical Services

Mechanical & Electrical Services – BFM specialize in Electro-mechanical services to commercial establishments & corporate. Each BFM personnel remain in attire so that they are easily recognized by the clients. Inside and out, top to bottom, our maintenance staff and technicians consistently on job to ensure performance of maintenance equipments& gadgets. Our flexible workforce understands the demands of your business, allowing preparing for any emergency situations, special events, expansions, etc.

    BFM provide the following related services:

  • Breakdown Maintenance.
  • Co-ordination with service / equipment provider for AMC.
  • Preventive / Predictive Maintenance.
  • 24/7 Support from our maintenance team.
  • Commercial Operations & Maintenance of all installations, gadgets & Equipments.
  • Implementation of EHS policy (Environment, Health & Safety Policy) at workplace.

Guest House Management

Guest House Management – BFM considers each requirement and needs of the guest while designing the methodology of Guest House services for its clients. We deploy trained professionals at the clients guesthouses who are expert in handling front desk, housekeeping and pantry services. BFM team manage the guest houses in highly professional way, where guest can feel comfortable with "Home Away From Home" feeling for executives to widely travel for company cause.

    Guest House Management Services by BFM includes:

  • Complete management & operations of guest houses.
  • Preparation and serving of all meals in Dining hall & room service while ensuring hygienic and safety at work place.
  • Valued added services on the basis of taking suggestions and feedbacks from guests.
  • Making PR with guests and help coordinating their visits with telephone directory, road map, tourism maps, list of important places.
  • Setting up of entire guest house, including Meal Facility, Laundry Service & other Utility Services.
  • Maintaining emergency numbers & list of on-call service providers.
  • Maintaining pleasant & peaceful environment of guest house for relaxation of guests.

Garden & Lawn Maintenance

Garden & Lawn Maintenance – We are offering the best quality Garden Maintenance Service to our valuable clients at low rate. We accept Maintenance contracts for gardens pre-developed gardens, plants and sites. Our trained gardeners will be responsible for ensuring that the overall health and appearance of your plant-life remains in superb condition and always of quality. Offered services are rendered by experts guidelines in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

We accept Maintenance contracts for gardens pre-developed gardens, plants and sites. Our trained gardeners will be responsible for ensuring that the overall health and appearance of your plant-life remains in superb condition and always of quality. A regular mowing of your grass not only keep your garden looking its best but also produces a healthy blade of grass.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management – We understand that time is money so why not free up your resources and maximize your time spent on profit-generating activities? We will minimize your headaches by functioning as your external business partner that specialist in handling all payroll administration activities such as Salary Processing i.e. provident funds processing, ESI, bonuses, Gratuity, incentives, medical claims, Bank Account Opening, corporate insurance policies and even employees' leave. Payroll outsourcing is the act of delegating payroll administration to third party having expertise in payroll processes. Generally companies outsource their payroll functions to cut costs, and to get better services. Moreover such companies can concentrate on core business activities with more time available with a sensitive job off their responsibility.

Bipin Facilities Management Pvt .Ltd. have a central team of dedicated and competent people like certified chartered accountants, corporate financial advisors & tax consultants. All are equipped with comprehensive accomplishments and proficient expertise to assist clients with specialization in financial services like accounting practices, taxation, etc.

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services– Bipin Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. Offers high quality and effective pest management solutions targeted at commercial areas and residential properties. We have several specialized programs to management and eliminate pests in areas. As a result, our outcomes are highly satisfactory. Moreover, these programs and methods are applied in an eco-friendly manner, so that any areas that relate to the environment remain unharmed. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices. IPM programs use current comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment. We apply IPM procedures to understand the problem and categorise the possible outcomes through highly effective methods of pest treatment. Then implementing IPM.

    Our Services

  1. General Pest Management Cockroaches, Red /Black Ants, Spiders, Silverfish, Firebrats
  2. Rodent Management House mouse, Roof rat, Norway rat, Bandicoots
  3. Termite Management (Pre and Post Construction)Sub-Terranean Termites
  4. Bedbugs Management Bedbugs
  5. Woodborer Management Woodborers (Furniture)
  6. Mosquito Management Mosquitoes (Anopheles, Culex, Aedes)
  7. Fly Management House Fly, Drain Fly, Fruit Fly, Flesh Fly, Blow Fly.
  8. Bird Proofing Service Pigeons, Sparrow and others.
  9. Horticultural Pest Management All Horticultural Pests
  10. Weed Management All Types of weeds

Specialized Services

Specialized Services– Glass facade, Carpet Shampoo, Upholstery Cleaning, Specialized Cleaning, Home Cleaning, etc. in entirety constitutes as Specialized services, with an expert touch in all respective functions. We provide custom made deliverable to satisfy the Client needs.

Panty Services

Panty Services– We are a renowned entity indulged in offering Pantry Services to our valuable clients. These services are offered with the support of our knowledgeable professionals, who have vast expertise of the domain and render these services in conformity with the predefined market standards. In order to ensure the best services, we use high-tech machines, and highly developed technologies. Moreover, the services offered by us are highly treasured for their durability and reliability.

With the aid of our well developed infrastructure, we undertake Pantry Services in most efficient manner. These services are rendered by our skilled professionals as per the definite industry standards and are widely demanded by our clients. Our experts render these services after completely considerate the needs of the clients. Moreover, we are offering these services at reasonable prices to our valued clients.

    Following are the salient features of our Pantry services :

  • Timely and hygienic service.
  • Professional approach.
  • Smart & well groomed Pantry boys